Narcotics Anonymous is a world-wide fellowship of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. Earth Group of NA is an internet-based group of recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other to stay clean.

We meet twice weekly via email and you can sign up by clicking "Join EGNA" at the top of the page. We have On-line NA Meetings every day. Still curious? Need to know more? Our trusted servants can answer just about any question you have about NA, or Earth Group.

Earth Group of NA
does not endorse products, software or other merchandise; this includes web browsers and related software,  the software used for our groups site requires notices of trademark and or copyright protection from the sources/designers these notices in any form should not be seen as any type of an endorsement -
we are simply following law.

In accordance with N.A. Traditions, to protect the survival of the N.A. fellowship as a whole, we, like all N.A. groups, are autonomous. That means we're "officially" separate from all other entities, including Narcotics Anonymous as a whole, and this group and site aren't necessarily endorsed by Narcotics Anonymous as a whole. (N.A. Basic Text, chapter 6) This Narcotics Anonymous site is placed here by recovering addicts serving those in the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. All our efforts point toward our primary purpose - the primary purpose of all N.A. groups: to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. In N.A. the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using...

Unless otherwise noted, all material contained on this website is Copyright 2002-2014 by Earth Group of NA.

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